mst Defrag

mst Defrag 3.6

mst Defrag is a proactive defragmentation software

MST Defrag Home Edition is a program designed to prevent and eliminate the file fragmentation of your files in the disk. It occurs when the system stores the data in the disk. When there is not enough room available to write it all in the same place, the Operating System has to do it in separate blocks, wherever it finds free space. Sometimes the data needs to be split in several parts, causing a drop down system performance. The inverse happens when the data needs to be read, the system has to rebuild the file from the blocks.
The program offers the ‘Proactive’ feature, a technology that doesn’t require to schedule tasks to indicate when the program need to be run. This function consists in monitoring how the system records a file in the disk. When a file fragmentation is detected, the program remembers internally the file name (indexation). When the tool finds free contiguous blocks in the hard disk, it proceeds to defragment the indexed files. All this is done in an almost imperceptible way.
It’s remarkable the design of the interface. It allows seeing and accessing all the information related to the data storing and optimization in an intuitive way. This will let you perform all the critical tasks without the requirement to be an expert.

Guada Morán
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  • Modern interface
  • Graphically displayed information
  • Innovative technology


  • Automatically installed a resident instance of the program
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